If we could use one word to describe us, it would be blessed.

Blessed with vision. Blessed by relationships… with each other, our incredible families, our beautiful clients, and true friends.

We are so thankful for the gift of life and we seek to always see the good and the beauty in it. Above all, we are thankful for the hope we’ve found in Jesus Christ.


I’ve always been a “critter” lover… and I’m a proud dog mom to Pepper Ann.

In 5th grade this really cute boy with braces and spiky hair named Garret had a locker beside mine. I had the biggest crush on him for YEARS. Our junior year of college, he finally asked me out to coffee and the rest is history.

Chasing dreams with him has been my favorite life adventure. From holding hands in church, building our ’76 Ford truck from scratch, starting an organic farm, to countless road trips, and spur of the moment Uncle Bob’s ice cream dates (the BEST ice cream in the midwest), I love doing life with this guy.

I’m obsessed with little antique shops, outdoor markets, and Anthropologie. Garret cringes a little every time a new Anthro package shows up at our door.

I love to wear high heels, cowgirl boots, dangly earrings, floral print, turquoise jewelry, and lipstick.

My most favorite thing is relationships. I love a good heart to heart over coffee. I love long walks with my sister/best girlfriend. I’m drawn to love stories and what connects two people.


Garret makes dreams come true.

He is everything and more I (Danielle) could have dreamed of in a husband.

He listens to every crazy dream and idea I have and helps me come up with a way to make it happen.

He believes in me… like, really, really believes in me.

He makes big things happen. When someone tells him “it can’t be done” it only fuels his fire and gives him the motivation to accomplish it.

He can fix anything.

He is the other half of this business.

No, he doesn’t take photos and he barely knows how to run my camera. But, Garret’s an inspiration, a creative mind, the rock, and the make-it-happen guy that normally prefers to stay behind the scenes.

We would love to invite you out to the farm and talk about your dream wedding.