I love this time of year… when the summer is just starting to turn into fall. It’s still warm, but the mornings are crisp and everything is so golden and beautiful. The other night I took some time to just document a little real life and beauty around our farm.

We have an old corn crib at our house. This spring we realized the roof was caving in and we needed to replace it or the building would soon fall apart. I just love the character this little building adds to the farmstead so my dear husband agreed to replacing the roof. He never does anything halfway, so instead of just repairing and replacing shingles, he decided to do a wood shake roof with copper drip edge. It’s taken so. much. time. but, it’s looking beautiful.

G has spent a lot of time at truck pulls this summer. Old Helen (the truck) has done pretty well and it’s been a lot of fun!

Harvest. My most favorite time of year. It’s just barely getting started in central Illinois and I’m so excited!

The barn kitties aren’t very tame, but this cutie let me get a quick picture.

We got Miss Pepper a toy monkey when she was just a little pup and we finally had to throw it away. But, it was her most favorite toy, so I was able to find her another one. She was SO excited and didn’t put it down for hours!

Our apple trees make my heart so happy!

Our hydrangeas grew so much this year! Love them!

And, it wouldn’t be real life if I didn’t include a photo of the flower pot that Pepper broke… I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve re-potted plants this summer! Or, how many pots she’s broken. I still wouldn’t trade her for anything! haha