I love engagement sessions. They a such a fun way for the couple and I to get to know each other, laugh, tell stories, and capture some love.
The first thing couples ask is “where should we take our photos?” So, here’s my 2 cents.

I always say that my goal as a photographer is to capture real moments and real emotion. I also want to capture the personality and style of every person that steps in front of my camera. I’ve discovered that one of the best way to do this is to choose a location that “fits” the client. This is true for engagement sessions, family sessions, seniors, or anyone!

When Amanda and I first started talking about locations for her and Chuck’s engagement session, we both started thinking about local spots that make for pretty pictures. But, the more we talked, it all just felt so cliché. I was SO excited when Amanda asked if I would come to Naperville and photograph them on the streets where they first met and began to fall in love! It was PERFECT! As we walked along the river and explored the streets, they pointed out where they first saw each other and the restaurant where they had their first date… something about taking photos on the sidewalks they’d walked, and in the places they’d spent time in brought so much emotion to the session. It gave the photos more meaning;  for the rest of their lives, those places and photos will hold a special place in their hearts. I loved it.

And now a few photos of the lovely couple… these two are so kind, fun, and genuine. They have a beautiful love story and it was my honor to capture a little piece of it.

So as you think about where you’d like to have your next photo session, pick somewhere that matters to you! That carries a special memory, feeling, or holds some significance for you!