As many of you know, Garret and I recently took a trip west to the state of Washington. I was heading out to Seattle for a workshop and we decided make a mini vacation out of it. Our first stop was Gig Harbor, an absolutely darling little town! We have family there and they kindly invited us to stay a few days with them.

The drive there was like something out of a storybook. I’d never seen trees that tall or so many ferns peeking out of every nook and cranny. Beautiful moss was growing on every surface in every shade of green and as we spotted their cabin through the trees, I truly felt like I was in an enchanted forrest.

Our time in the little cabin was too short, but we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. From exploring the breathtaking property, to oatmeal and coffee in the kitchen every morning, and all the long conversations and laughter with our family… we made many memories that we will cherish for a long time. I still dream about waking up in that sweet little cabin, walking through the moss covered trees, and drinking coffee around the wood burning stove.